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Concise speech, creative expression, and a remarkable resilience.

Product designer
I have over seven years experience spanning across strategic branding, ux research, web, iOS and Android app design.
My name is Habeeb; I design apps with a keen eye for accessibility and product growth.
UIX Design
I transform user and societal problems into elegant web solutions using data, visual design and rapid prototyping.
Mobile App Design
I create bolder experiences using iOS and Android guidelines to deliver user-friendly mobile applications.
Brand and Web Design
With my expertise in visual identity, I’ll ensure customers perceive your brand and online presence in a consistent way.
Design is a visual representation of strategy and it should stay simple in such a complex world.

Experience and certifications

2023 – Present
Head of Design
2023 – 2024
Co-founder, Design Lead
2020 – 2022
Product Design Lead Softcom
2019 – 2020
UI/UX Designer
2019 – 2020
UI Designer
2016 – 2018
Brand & UI Dsgnr
Google’s Foundation of User Experience Design

Issued Sept, 2022.

Web Design with Figma: Building Striking Compositions

Issued Sept, 2022.

UX Research 101

Issued Jan, 2022.


I enjoy fine dining, fashion shopping, taking photos of nature and architecture while maintaining a fit lifestyle.


I often provide additional value by engaging with my immediate community via mentorship, public speaking or acts of random kindness.


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Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello.